Every Bottle an Adventure

Some say that Aristotle himself gave the term spirits to the product of distillation for he felt that he was possessed by spirits after consuming these magical elixirs.

Admittedly, we aren’t too familiar with the topic of spiritual possession but definitely have had our fair share of unique alcohol experiences- from harvesting and fermenting agave pineapples, to tapping birch trees for sap with native forest folk, and to dancing around donkeys on stone laded pavements for mezcal! Alcohol is so often interviewed with culture, spirituality and even religion that we can’t help but feel that every time we are introduced to a local spirit that we've never tried before, we’re introduced to a new way of life.

At That’s the Spirit, find and discover unique spirits from all around the world - and live (or relive) the unique experiences that we had as we found them!

masters of alchemy

Disciples of the book and yet avid tinkerers, these masters respect tradition but just can't seem to shy away from saying "why not?".

House of odd collections or creative masterpieces? These Masters humbly leave us mere mortals to decide.

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